Signs Your Furnace Needs Servicing

No homeowner out there would want to wake up in the middle of winter night with the entire house freezing cold. In the cold months, you want to make sure your entire home heating system is working efficiently and in order to do that, you need to figure out if there is something wrong with all the components and parts right before the arrival of the winter season. One of the most vulnerable to issues is your furnace.

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There have been countless instances when homeowners woke up in the middle of the night realizing that the furnace is broken and there’s no way to have it fixed since the local HVAC technician won’t be able to fix it until the morning. Obviously, you want to be in contact with an HVAC repair company that can provide emergency services like this, but the thing is it really is much better if you just do whatever is necessary to make sure it won’t happen to you.
The key to making sure your furnace won’t break down or is problem-free during the winter is to have it checked and tuned up in fall. You don’t want to be so confident in thinking that there’s no need for a routine furnace inspection and maintenance since the equipment is relatively new and has never encountered a problem before. The fact is even the most advanced, expensive, and newest furnaces could break down even at such a young age. Just to be sure, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to know the signs that your furnace is already in need of servicing.

  1. It’s not producing heat anymore. This right here is definitely the most obvious sign that your furnace is in desperate need of servicing. Whenever heat fails to flow through the ductwork and come out of the registers the way it is supposed to, it means a tune-up is needed.
  2. When your energy bills significantly increase. This is another telltale sign that something isn’t right with your heating equipment and it most probably is the furnace. The reason why your energy bills rise is because the furnace is no longer operating efficiently the way it’s supposed to and it means the bolts and nuts and all other operating aspects must be check and tightened.
  3. Whenever there’s an awkward small coming out of the furnace. This applies to both gas and oil furnaces. You see, it is normal to smell burnt fuel but when the same already has reached other rooms and it comes to a point that it is almost unbearable like rotten eggs, then there definitely is a problem. Also, this isn’t a do-it-yourself type of job so whenever this happens to you, you must immediately call a professional HVAC technician.
  4. There’s a loud banging noise. It also is true that furnaces, regardless of the type and age, will produce a sound when they’re turned on. However, a large banging sound is another thing though because your blower motor could be damaged and you definitely don’t want it to completely break down in the middle of winter.

Whenever you experience any of those four signs, all the more reason you have to call a professional HVAC repair technician to check and inspect your furnace. Yes, you’re going to spend some money to pay for expert repair services but it definitely is worth it. It’s a small dent on your pocket compared to how much you’re potentially going to pay for a furnace replacement right in the middle of a cold winter season.