clogged drains

Drain-Related Problems That Require a Professional

The fact that you see and happen to know a handful of brands of chemical drain cleaners is enough for you to make the assumption that drain cleaning is very easy that you no longer need to call in a plumber to do it for you. While it may be true that minor clogs can easily be fixed using either a plunger or some chemicals you bought at the hardware store, keep in mind that there are drainage problems that could be caused or maybe a sign of a bigger issue that’s hidden in plain sight. These are the very same problems that require the help and services of a plumber or drain cleaning professionals.

1 – Clogs that always come back.

hair clogsThe three most prone plumbing components to stubborn clogs are the bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink drains. The reason for this is because all of them are recipients of falling hair that eventually finds its way down. Now try to imagine how frequent you remove hair out of the drain and if that’s almost on a daily basis, it only means you’re not really effective in removing the entirety of the clog. So if those clogs become recurring, it’s time to call a plumber to get rid of the clogs deep down.

2 – Simultaneous clogged drains.

If you experience several clogged drains happening at the same time, say for instance your sink, tub, and toilet, you should be wary of it and make sure you call an expert to see what’s wrong. For the most part, multiple clogs usually point to a bigger and more serious clog situated somewhere in the main drain system. If it really is the problem, it means you’ll need someone who has the right tools to deal with it. In fact, most homeowners will resort to hiring a professional drain cleaning company to solve the problem, not just a plumber.

3 – Slower drains than usual.

slow-flowingOne of the biggest mistakes a homeowner like you will make is to misjudge the seriousness of any type of drainage problem, even if it only involves a slow-moving drain. You probably are already guilty of ignoring this kind of issue countless times. What you don’t know is that a slow-moving drain is a clear sign of a more serious problem waiting to blow out of proportion. Some of these problems include a pipe that’s become so narrow due to the buildup of mineral or grease or maybe there’s an incorrect grading of the drainage system. The reason why you need to call in a pro to solve it is because experts particularly know where to look for it and make sure it is fixed right before it leads to serious property damage.

4 – The presence of foul odor.

Lastly, once there is a foul odor coming out of your drains, that’s another scenario that needs the service and expertise of a drain professional. There’s no other cause of it than a major drainage issue. For one, it could be a buildup of pollutants and dirty stuff in the drain. By calling a drain professional or even an experienced plumber, you get the assurance that the right diagnosis of the problem is done right before a solution is provided.

Keep in mind that all those situations above with regards to your drain are jobs that cannot be performed on your own. It may be true that several plumbing-related home improvement tasks are tailor-made for DIYers like you, but drain-related issues should always be left for professionals to handle. You may be paying them money but you’re actually saving a lot of it by making sure minor problems don’t lead or result to major ones.